Nemtsov Murder: Putin Warned About Exactly This Type of “False Flag” Two Years Ago :  Information Clearing House – ICH

Nemtsov Murder: Putin Warned About Exactly This Type of “False Flag” Two Years Ago :  Information Clearing House – ICH


4 thoughts on “Nemtsov Murder: Putin Warned About Exactly This Type of “False Flag” Two Years Ago :  Information Clearing House – ICH

  1. I haven’t looked into this much.
    I would think the globalists are going all the way though – divide and conquer…
    You ever look into Putin’s past?
    The guy is as much an enigma as Obama.
    I would guess overall, they want us to take sides – and I could give a fuck and to give you a reference, do you know that the soviets as much as the anglos tried to uphold the holocaust myth? Of course, you, going to stay left or right over this stuff, but then, you forget interests and also age old power domination by the nobility – Nemtsov? Less important then Chapel Hill probably and a lot more stupid publicity about it.

    I was amazed today, cause after falling out of grace for calling out a Psy-Op at AE, I have no difficulty making my mind up over any type of issue.
    So I went back into the Holocaust sphere of things – which I distrusted the mainstream anyhow – and I found that this year a mainstream video was produced, or distributed, which makes no mention what so ever of the Holocaust !

    Here it is:

    And you did not acknowledge so far that I called out a Psy – Op and was banned for it (?)

    So what? But let me give you this, which I have known for a few days now, and let me just put it as a question:
    Who married Suzanne Barakat and who is Suzanne Barakat’s mother-in-law?


    • This is much more significant than the Chapel Hill incident. You’re wasting your time on that. You think they’d go through all the trouble of staging that so they could raise a little over $200,000? That’s nothing compared to what is provided to these death squads by the U.S. and others. You think they’d risk getting caught for that chump change (in the scheme of things)? I’m only trying to help you here because you seem fixated on this.

      Also, the video you claimed makes no mention of the Holocaust has the word in its title.


      • No, I don’t think they would go through the trouble of staging to raise (correction) $500’000, but I think they would go through the trouble to get peoples minds right.
        Please understand that it is not so easy for me time-wise, to research and then also publish everything I found on that specific case. It was and is a Psy Op none the less and it involves a lot of high ups some working from out of the new world trade center 7.
        The state dep. has published a propaganda piece where many of them are mentioned, but again, how much time in writing right here should I waste while you haven’t even acknowledged that that early year incident might have been and was staged?
        Their not risking anything, they’ve been staging a lot since god nows when and no mater who blows the whistle they get away with it.
        So, that’s why I mentioned that video about the holocaust, which never mention’s the holocaust as you rightly figured, because that was a hoax to assign blame and whatever else. At the right time and even though it might look like zionism is the power behind a lot of US dealings, zionism is fragile as apartheid and will give when the time is right so that the ancient nobility will forever be revered and never found out.
        There is no Putin (prove me there is) and no Obama (I know he hides behind swiss decent and even that is an intentional rouse)

        Now, why don’t you tell me why this is ¨much more significant¨ when in turn I am sure you won’t think about it in a fucking week. I have spent close to a hundred hours on chapel hill and what I can say, is that this was very carefully planned admiringly carefully. And not because it was airtight, but because of the involvement, because of the societal structure behind that hoax which managed to pool their ¨Hope¨ behind it. Also, nothing happens in a vacuum, but with Nemtsov we merely have an established ongoing Psy -Op which needs fueling every once in a while to prop up the fake divide, we and even a lot of very experienced people fall for.
        I would suggest you read Alexander Dugin’s expose on Putin because it is him who establishes the myth of opposition the best. If Dugin is right and Putin is in genuine opposition, then what system is he proposing exactly- let’s figure that out -ok?


  2. Sure, that is quite revealing footage of Putin that ICH is providing for us – we should discuss this perhaps..
    Look i think a great shift is happening and I am skeptical… even of this:


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