Neoliberal Technocrat Boris Nemtsov Martyred to Kick Off Russian Vesna March, or “Russian Spring”

American Everyman

by Scott Creighton

Nemtsov’s reforms won praise from former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher

In Western media, desperate to demonize Vladamir Putin and Russia in general, Boris Nemtsov is being hailed as a “charismatic opposition leader” and “reformer” of the old Soviet state. “A Hollywood movie politician”, one blathering reporter from Bloomberg called him. Of course, that guy also said Boris Yeltsin was “the consummate populist” so you can take that for what it’s worth.

“I admired Nemtsov’s courageous dedication to the struggle against corruption in Russia. Nemtsov was a tireless advocate for his country, seeking for his fellow-Russian citizens the rights to which all people are entitled.” Obama

In truth, Boris Nemtsov staked his career on helping the West neoliberalize various former Soviet Block countries (Ukraine after the Orange Revolution) and even helped lead the “liberalization” process in Russia during the rule of…

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