New Details and Video of Boris Nemtsov Killing

American Everyman

by Scott Creighton

Yesterday I wrote about the shooting of Boris Nemtsov, carefully explaining how the man wasn’t a serious opposition to Vladamir Putin because the people of Russia understood him for what he was: a sycophantic neolibral servant of the IMF, World Bank and vested interests who have been trying to force regime change in Russia for a long time. I wrote that the majority of Russians see him as a traitor and with good cause.

I wrote that the most likely culprits in this plan are, as they often are, the usual suspects: Capitalism’s Invisible Assassins or the C.I.A. for short.

Today we have a little more information to go on regarding his murder as well as a rather dramatic video which shows the hit itself, though not close up.

It seems almost comically obvious that Anna had to have set him up for this hit. Several…

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