FCC Defends Their Super Secret Process on Open Internet Order – Can’t Release Document Yet B/C They’re Still Writing It

American Everyman

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE:A White House-backed bill would give the corporate elite control over how our data is collected and used.

According to the FCC, public agencies in service to the people in democratic systems like ours work best in total secrecy. That from an agency run by Thomas Wheeler, a former cable and telecom lobbyist who now claims to be fighting for our internet freedoms.

Over a week ago, the FCC voted for their “open internet order” after a rough draft of the plan was handed down from the White House. Yes, that’s the same White House that is looking for fast-track authority to push through the TPP and the TTIP. The same White House that had insurance and healthcare companies write the Affordable Care Act.

For three weeks prior to the vote, not one of the five FCC commissioners bothered to leak the 317 page document so…

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