“Snowden” Propagandists Deface Revolutionary War Memorial in New York

American Everyman

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Lee Fang, over at Greenwald’s The Intercept, writes about the new CISPA called “CISA” and all the corporations who are pushing it this month. She says they (lobbiests and congress critters) plan to have it on Obummer’s desk in no time and it seems assured that he will sign it. She also gave “Snowden” credit for defeating it last time around, which is total BS.

(CISPA is now CISA, the “Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act”)


Timed perfectly to coincide with John Oliver’s half-hour of “Snowden” propaganda, a group of propaganda contractors in New York defaced Fort Greene’s Prison Ship Martyrs Monument with a bust of “Edward Snowden” a day after Oliver’s show aired and all the “alternative” and “progressive” outlets were talking about it.

New York residents awoke to find a mysterious new monument erected in a Brooklyn park on Monday morning, after a…

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