Ruling from Corporate-backing Courts on Patriot Act Paves Way for Fascist USA “Freedom” Act

American Everyman

by Scott Creighton

It just took the courts here in the US a mere 14 years to come to understand that it isn’t legal for Big Brother to be scooping up all our private information, emails, texts, purchasing history, weblogs and phone calls for their own private edification.

Fourteen years is all it took for an appellate court to rule in the favor of the people.

Well, fourteen years and a pending deadline.

You see, the unconstitutional Patriot Act is up for renewal on June 1st and a bunch of sleazy corporations are dreaming about the passage of the USA Freedom Act (written by the same sleazy politician) because it will essentially hand over to them the power to harvest and then sell all that information that the NSA has been collecting over these past years.

That’s why Big Business wants it. That’s why Facebook wants it

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