We Are Being Lied to About Ramadi – It Was Taken by the GMCIR not “ISIS™”

American Everyman

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: The first incarnation of “IS” dates back to 2012, a Defense Intelligence Agency document talking about how Saudi Salafists could be used to destabilize and terrorize the people of Syria until a regime change could be achieved.


isis parade anbar Where is the US airstrike like what happened in Kuwait in 1991?

We are being lied to about what recently happened in Ramadi. We didn’t lose control of the city to “ISIS™” though it has slipped out of our control once again. The photos of the parades of Toyota trucks outfitted with clean new “ISIS™” flags are reported at times to be “downtown” Ramadi and then again in “West Anbar”.  Well, if you look at a map of al Anbar province in Iraq you will notice that “West Anbar” goes all the way over to the Jordanian border. Then if you look at this, the most…

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