One Trick Pony: How Our Government Works Today

American Everyman

by Scott Creighton

One manufactured crisis psyop after another. That’s how our government works these days.

President Obama signed into law the U.S.A. Freedom Act on June the 2nd. On June the 1st and most of Tuesday, June 2nd, certain provisions of the Patriot Act had been allowed to sunset, to expire. Those were controversial sections of the law which provided legal cover for things like collecting mass amounts of personal data from everyone, the “lone wolf” provision and roving wiretaps.

Suddenly, on June the 2nd, right before congress was set to start debate on the “Freedom” Act, a story broke:

Multiple bomb threats against U.S. aircraft were made on Tuesday, according to NBC News. Government sources said the threats were not credible.

The threats, five in total, were similar to chemical weapon threats against aircraft last week. It was determined that the claims were fake, and there was speculation…

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