2 thoughts on “Naomi Wolf Reveals How & Why Fake News Stories Are Created & Pushed

  1. Did I not send you this video way back when I was commenting on the ¨three winners¨ psyop?
    You know, the fake Chapel Hill shooting?
    Btw, Suzanne Barakat should be on Scott’s recent list – no?
    Anyway, did Naomi say it was ¨kind of crazy not to question¨ what we are spoon fed by the news?
    Hey, I was kicked out of a so called progressive blog for questioning.. the wrong story – I guess that’s a bit better then being kicked out for questioning absolutely anything… hmmm.

    uh – ¨I’m not talking bout Boston right now – I’l get to that¨…….. and she never does.
    And neither did Scott, cause on Scott’s limited hangout blog, the Boston bombing was a false flag and NOT a hoax!
    He almost let me go when I suggested that much back in those days, called me ¨smarter then that¨ well, as I said – limited hangout.
    The Boston Bombing clearly was a Hoax and just a few days ago the YT censors took down all of John Smith’s Boston related videos cause that guy actually figured out the names and addresses of the crisis actors involved , all somehow related to Boston police officers.
    That was the best channel PROVING Boston was a hoax but if you search nowadays you’l still find some good stuff – try peekay22 he has some good stuff.

    Scott has a bunch of stuff up he calls genuine while it was clearly a hoax and I don’t know if he is seriously color blind sometime or if he is one of the best disinfo agents out there…
    Scott’s a crisis actor himself as you should have noticed by now – every 2 or 3 months he calls it quits, waits for a reaction and just continues same old, same old – and yes, he is never going to upload on YT cause there, people would tear him to shreds – and not cause his stupid, no, but because he is a limited source of truthful information that is why.
    As I said a while ago, I funded him with quite an amount of money and with his perpetual money problem I am quite surprised how he would let someone like me off the hook if he really was that dependent on this biggest fraud ever perpetrated on paper…
    There where many good commenters on AE over the years, Scott had posts with over 200 comments on things like the Colorado Batman James Holmes shooting and I believe he even questioned if anyone died in that incident… anyway people have moved on and I’l tell you why:
    Many people are just tired of the lies, not Scotts lies, but lies in general and they have lives, normal lives which seem better without the fake noise, but the ones still watching the game have grown tired of the fake political slant overall and those have no nerve for two faced shills like Naomi Wolf trying to drag them in to a fake know it all leftist truther state of political world view when there is no such thing as true politics!
    NDAA my ass, separate Bill my ass, Boston was a hoax simple as that, but so was the Odessa massacre anyone saying different is a LIAR.
    It’s about not waking up, it’s about having you distracted forever, it’s even more then a rich man’s trick, but call it that.
    Go back and check out how Scott and his mom ganged up on the commenter Lilaeo I wonder why he still comments once in a while (used to be the most frequent commenter on AE, a year later that was me – shame)
    Anyway watch out, Lilaeo was always gentlemanly like you are, but if Scott wants to humiliate he will – don’t be surprised.

    Hey I told you more then enough of what you didn’t want to hear .



  2. Except, I wanna tell you one more thing.
    I am not sure I should tell you more, since reading some of your recent comments to Scott’s blog you seem content with being entertained… but whatever.

    Maybe the following manages to entertain you a little:

    Cause if I wanted to keep within the political slant of things, consider Assad.
    Dealing with that question was the first time I got banned from AE btw and at that time I did not even really know what I was talking about.
    Well, after Obamas red line was crossed with the chemical attack psy-op a year or two ago, the whole world got involved and the issue tended to end up in Geneva and Russia acted up and Iran to a certain degree and to everyone it looked like the dawning of a multipolar world etc.
    The alternative community took sides with Assad, Scott certainly did, but, then what happened when ISIS swept through Syria some time later?
    Suddenly things are easy, no international community, no fanfare, except some tired RT article claiming that the US will use ISIS as an excuse to get rid of Assad which Scott might have chimed in to but I am not sure of that…
    It got real quiet when the bombs actually fell on Syria and sites like AE resorted to calling ISIS a hoax (which they are) and also conjuring up a distraction of how the Kurds where out to create their long sought Kurdistan.
    Whatever is actually going to happen in the region in the future is anyones guess, but to fail to report that Assad was actually aided by the US to presumably get rid of some unwanted entity opposing his reign in Syria is quite the blunder.
    Yes, Assad was only a proxy and he was inn to whatever they are planning there – Assad said so himself in a fairly recent interview to the BBC – listen between min. 17 + 18 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yiC4w7Erz8I

    I mean it’s ridiculous enough that Assad would acknowledge something like the IS existing in the first place but in that interview he goes full retard basically admitting that he is cooperating with the US via Iraq!
    But to tell you the truth I think what’s happening in Syria is mostly a hoax or can you show me some genuine action captured on video from there? Can you?
    I am not straight out saying people are not suffering there, there might even be some kind of war going on, but it’s all very very different from what either the msm or AE or any other ol alternative site is telling us.
    It’s a strange world we are living in and unfortunately I think our friend Scott is not helping us see behind the curtain.
    I would debate him anytime on the above issue btw.

    Hey, take care.


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