Greece debt crisis: Athens accepts harsh austerity as bailout deal nears

American Everyman

(Tahrir approaches? “The communist party has called on supporters to attend a mass rally in Omonia Square at 7pm (5pm BST) on Friday to protest “the barbaric memorandum.” source )

(And of course, the Vichy media has it’s talking points ready to go: “Although reforms rejected in the referendum will now be conceded, this is no capitulation by Mr Tsipras…” BBC “News” correspondent in Brussels )

from the Guardian

… The new proposals include sweeping reforms to VAT to raise 1% of GDP and moving more items to the 23% top rate of tax, including restaurants – a key battleground before.

Greece has also dropped its opposition to abolishing the lower VAT rate on its islands, starting with the most popular tourist attractions. Athens also appears to have made significant concessions on pensions, agreeing to phase out solidarity payments for the poorest pensioners…

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