Alexis Tsipras Becoming Marshal Pétain? Is Greece Facing it’s Vichy Moment?

American Everyman

by Scott Creighton

You can’t make this up folks. I dare you to even try.

Alexis Tsipras went to his fellow party members yesterday and told them to make ready for the “compromise”

Indeed, the UK’s Telegraph adds that Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras “has now reportedly told his parliament to brace themselves for ‘compromise’.” Common Dreams

Who else do you know of making “compromises” all the time that never turn out to really be a compromise?

Greece’s Syriza-led government agreed to a massive new €13 billion (US$14.34 billion) package of austerity measures yesterday evening, less than a week after Sunday’s landslide “no” vote in a referendum on European Union (EU) austerity.

The proposal would be the deepest package of cuts since the EU austerity drive began in Greece in late 2009. It goes well beyond the proposed €8 to 9 billion in cuts initially demanded by the EU in talks…

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