David Cameron Says Britain Needs to Empower Big Business to Combat “Conspiracy Theorists” in Order to Stop ‘ISIS’

American Everyman

by Scott Creighton

© Neil Hall Just look at these non-violent extremists. ISIS is THEIR FAULT, damnit!

Ultimately, ladies and gentlemen, ‘ISIS’ is my fault, it’s your fault, it’s John Pilger’s fault, it’s David Ray Griffin’s fault, it’s Bill Cooper’s fault, it’s Mike Rivero’s fault, it’s Joseph Trento’s fault, it’s Fletcher Prouty’s fault, it’s Gore Vidal’s fault… hell, it’s Bill Hick’s fault. That’s because, according to David Cameron, the radicalization of ISIS’s members is a direct result of their exposure to “conspiracy theorists” and therefore, he announced a plan yesterday to wage open warfare on said “conspiracy theorists” and their “conspiracy theories” in order to combat “ISIS”

In what is quite possibly the most offensively ignorant propaganda speech I have read in recent years, David Cameron’s introduction to their new Counter-Extremism Strategy was less about stopping Brits from joining “ISIS” than it was about silencing dissent in the UK.

(full transcript of speech…

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