Social Security – Get Thee To the Poorhouse: How Free Market Ideologues Want to Feed Working Class Americans to the ‘vicissitudes of life’

American Everyman

by Scott Creighton

Eighty years ago on Aug. 14th, 1935, the United States set in motion a plan to help care for it’s wage-earning citizens. It was called Social Security and over the course of it’s history it has been the most successful program ever created in this country at helping working class people remain independent and secure through the onset of a debilitating disability or old age.

Countless millions of wage-earners have been able to avoid living on the streets in poverty or having to beg family members for shelter in the latter parts of their lives because of Social Security, which is not an “entitlement” but rather a federally mandated retirement investment fund and disability insurance program.

One would think that any American would see this as a benefit to our society. Though the scheduled payments are low by any standard measure when compared to other Westernized OECD…

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