ATTACK OF THE NERDS! The INSULTINGLY STUPID James Austin Stumbo Attack Story is Simply Laughable

American Everyman

by Scott Creighton

“This incident is a good example of private security reaching out to their local Boston police district and relaying information to detectives and BRIC analysts in order to identify the very real threat.” Paul Fitzgerald, Boston Police’s Bureau of Intelligence and Analysis Commander

You know how the FBI cultivates idiots and the mentally challenged in order to set them up for some big terrorist sting arrest which will ingratiate the agency to the powers that be in this great Global War OF Terror campaign we are waging worldwide?

Well, their ridiculous entrapment efforts have gotten even worse. Meet Stumbo and his little sidekick, Norton.

James Austin Stumbo, James Stumbo, Kevin Norton, Boston Pokemon gunmen, boston pokemon guns, boston pokemon arrests Stumbo on the the left, Norton on the right

Notice Stumbo’s head? The little horns? Want some trivia?

Stumbo the Giant is a very large, very stupid cartoon character which was a spin-off from the Hot Stuff comics. Here’s another picture of…

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