Black Monday: Dow Drops Over a Thousand Points at Opening – Sleep Now in the Fire!

American Everyman

by Scott Creighton

Global financial unrest (being blamed on the Chinese of course) is manifesting itself on Wall Street this morning as the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped over a thousand points in the first half-hour the market was open in spite of the fact that they instituted Rule 48 prior to opening in an effort to ease the crash.

The Dow is bouncing back but it’s still down nearly 600 points and this is just the first hour of trading.


Some are saying it’s a “(h)uge shift in investor psychology” that is at the heart of this crash. My guess is, the banksters that rule the world needed another Libya sacrificed to them to keep it all afloat but they haven’ quite got it yet and Greece is taking far too long for them to liquidate.

Oh wait… the Dow is back down 699 points!

I got a song…

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