US Military Has a New Combat Patch for Guys Wearing Fake Beards Pretending to be “ISIS”

American Everyman

by Scott Creighton

How thoughtful. I wonder if Rita Katz’ production company will get one.

The new patch looks like something “ISIS” would wear. It’s not getting rave reviews from the general enlisted population.

Operation Inherent Resolve combat patch.

Look, we all know the British SAS soldiers have been dressing up as “ISIS” and running around Iraq and Syria in Helix trucks for various photo shoots and all those “beheading” videos were fakes made in production studios somewhere. Is it really such a stretch to assume US Spec Ops guys were doing the same thing with some fake beards and “ISIS” flags during Operation Inherent Resolve?

You mean to tell me with all the spy satellites, drone and surveillance aircrafts we have floating around over Iraq and Syria… we can’t find these idiots?

They’re running around out in the middle of nowhere with big flags on their long lines of trucks saying “come shoot…

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