US Bombs Doctors Without Borders Hospital in Afghanistan Targeting Taliban – Kills 9 Staff Members

American Everyman

(In spite of how the AP presents this story, this was clearly not an accident. This hospital was serving the people of Kunduz and probably Taliban fighters. Many of the citizens of this town want the US out of their country and provide aid to the Taliban. The strike on an active hospital, even if it only served Taliban fighters, is a war-crime and I am sure it is not the first time our forces have done something like this over there. It’s probably routine. It’s only due to the fact that Doctors Without Borders was there, that this story is getting any attention at all (very little at that). This is a major war-crime, targeting hospitals in conflict areas. Notice the careful choice of language: “near” the hospital, “collateral damage” and the spokesman says they “lost” some doctors. They didn’t loose them. They killed them. They know exactly where…

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