Another Way Obama’s ‘Trade’ Deals Help International Corporations Privatize Government

American Everyman

(Obama’s trade deals are pure, unadulterated, neoliberal, “free market” , corporatist, fascist ideology)

by Eric Zuesse, Strategic Culture Foundation

Recently, the issue was raised regarding the profits that would flow to international corporations by Obama’s proposed trade-deals encouraging the privatization of existing government-run social services, and the break-up of their labor unions. It was unfortunately mentioned only in passing by Guardian columnist Polly Toynbee. But that’s better than nothing. 

She is a granddaughter of the famous British historian Arnold Toynbee. Her perspective on this matter seems to be in accord with that of Britain’s major corporations — they strongly favor both TTIP (the Obama-proposed trade-deal with the EU), and also Britain’s being a part of the EU (and of that proposed trade-deal). In Britain, the number of families in the aristocracy, and that serve the aristocracy (the people who control the international corporations, and who serve those families), are…

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