MSNBC Airs Map Showing Israeli Encroachment on Palestinian Land Since 1947

American Everyman

by Scott Creighton

For years the story has been there was never anything called ‘Palestine’. It’s the go-to, fall-back position of the Zionist apologists and sympathizers. Palestine never existed, so there cannot be any recognition of Palestine by Israel.

And for years, more and more of us have tried to show how over the last 60 years, Israel has stolen Palestinian land bit-by-bit to the point where all the Palestinians that are left live on little Bantustans like they were blacks living in South Africa under apartheid.

This map have been very helpful over the years in illustrating the Zionist’s efforts.

Embedded image permalink

US media outlets have been rather forceful when it comes to supporting Israel’s occupation and land-grabbing efforts in Palestine. They would never even think of showing this graphic on their websites, much less air it on one of their programs.

That is, until today.

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