Pro-Western, pro-Regime Change Advocacy Organization SAMS Fabricates Stories of Russians Bombing 9 Hospitals in Syria

American Everyman

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE:The presstitutes fool only themselves and dumbshit Americans.”


“In only four years, our budget grew from $100,000 to $15 million annually and our staff from one to 60 in five different countries.” SAMS

Who would be dumb enough to fall for something like this especially after it became painfully obvious that they are simply trying to cover for the Obama administration’s bombing of the Doctor’s Without Borders war crime in Afghanistan?

Oh yeah… Prison Planet would be that dumb.

There is a group called Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS) and they have recently claimed that Russian fighters are bombing their “hospitals” in Syria during their ongoing effort to rid the country of the CIA’s terrorist color revolution mercenaries. They are upset and want the world to take action to protect civilians and, more importantly, their “hospitals”

Tuesday’s attack adds to the previous…

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