20,000 Israelis Sue Facebook in Order to Force Them to Censor Pro-Palestinian Posts

American Everyman

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Talk about money-grubbing…. when you copy and paste an image from Jpost’s website, it let’s you think you posted it, but instead, when you publish, it’s an ad for the JPost. Funny thing is, they stole the image below from MEMRI. What a bunch of Mammon worshiping weasels over there at JPost.


memri this image is by the Israeli propaganda outlet, MEMRI as you can see in the corner. It’s NOT from pro-Palestinian groups

Citing the violent and racist posts of Hasbara’s fake Palestinian personas, a number of Israelis are suing Facebook in order to get them to start erasing pro-Palestinian posts as well as images that show what the IDF does to women and children and remove folks who leave them.

They say these kinds of activities, telling people the truth about what’s going on over there, is causing Israel some problems.

The image…

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