Obama Considers Using US Soldiers as Human Shields to Protect CIA’s Terrorists in Syria

American Everyman

by Scott Creighton


The depths to which these people will descend down the sewers of deep-state politics in order to secure their regime change operation in Syria is breath-taking sometimes. It really is.

Now that Russia is launching successful airstrikes against both “ISIS” and the CIA’s moderate terrorists in Syria and the Syrian army is making serious headway in driving these mercenary Wahhabist terrorists from their nation, TPTB and their puppet Obama are getting desperate.

Because of the Russians getting involved, there are considerably fewer terrorists destabilizing Syria on behalf of Western Big Business (and a shitload of billionaires)

I imagine it’s a much harder sell to those Wahhabists in Jordan and Saudi Arabia: trying to get them to go up against Russian forces as opposed to Syrian ones. The paycheck from our Peace Prize President is only good if you live long enough to cash it.

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