The Center for American Progress (owner of ThinkProgress) Invites Netanyahu to Speak

American Everyman

by Scott Creighton

The problem with Israel’s PR these days is that progressive minded people on the left and the right tend to frown on folks who blow-up 500 children in order to steal some land and threaten to ship Palestinians out of East Jerusalem in cattle cars (“cattle cars” is a bit of a dramatic reference… they probably wont use cattle cars… but you get the point)

The fate of over 370,000 East Jerusalemites hangs in the balance. Netanyahu’s proposed scheme sounds ominously like Hitler loading Jews on trains for death camps. Steve Lendman

Heck, anyone can get the Pam Gellers of the world and her fans to go for that.. but the Bernie Sanders crowd? That takes a little more work (sadly, not much apparently for Bernie Sanders himself though)

To that end, AIPAC and the One State Solution of Israel have supposedly “lobbied” the folks over at…

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