Barack Obama’s “Human Shields for ISIS” Program Meets Resistance from Some (a few) in Congress

American Everyman

by Scott Creighton

THE PLANI am getting sick of hearing talking heads on the MSM flippantly refer to our soldiers as “boots on the ground”

In those boots are feet and attached to those feet are someone’s father, mother, son, daughter… soldiers who trust they will never be placed in harm’s way without really good cause.

Last time I checked, protecting the lives of the CIA’s (and John McCain’s) terrorists… is not a “good cause”… and it is certainly not a valid reason to send 50 or so of our soldiers into Syria in this illegal expansion of our immoral regime change operation.

But make no mistake about it, that is why they are there “with no combat mission”

Unnamed U.S. officials reportedly “stressed” to Reuters that the new boots-on-the-ground in Syria were “not meant to engage in front-line combat but rather to advise and assist moderate rebels.” One official told

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