Paris Attacks: The History of Convenient Violence of the Thing Called “ISIS™”

American Everyman

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Right on cue… now they have found a Syrian passport near the body of one of the terrorists. I wonder if it was one of the fake ones we gave all those “moderate” Wahhabist Takfaris from Saudi Arabia. Either way, I’ll bet it is pristine condition.

UPDATE: Taking a page directly from the staged Charlie Hebdo “attacks”, CNN iReporter films gunmen from building

UPDATE: “ISIS™” has claimed responsibility giving details on the attack long after those details were made public. France’s faux leftist leader, Hollande, says it’s an act of war planned from the outside with “complicity from the inside” meaning they are going to have to start rounding up the real leftists and clamping down on various freedoms. Can you say Vichy France?

UPDATE: As Victor G. aptly points out, Russia is about to release their findings on what caused the downing of…

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