San Bernardino “Terrorist” Gun Battle With Cops (full video)

American Everyman

by Scott Creighton

One of the readers who showed up here claims to be from San Bernardino and says she watched the gun battle during the car chase on live TV from the helicopter footage.  Here is the video footage of the live feed from the helicopter. You’ll notice by time they eventually get around to showing the scene, it’s already done with. The patsy suspect is lying on the ground and the SUV is shot up from all directions. As the film maker points out, there doesn’t appear to be any police presence in front of the car which make you wonder how those bullet holes got in the front windshield. Also of note: as the SUV is being “chased” in the slow motion car chase, notice the SUV has a particular style of flashing lights. Why would he have his flashers on?

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