About President Obama’s “Conspiracy Theory” Straw-man Argument – Some Things Never Change

American Everyman

by Scott Creighton

It’s somewhat refreshing to see the Peace Prize “winning” president resort to self-righteous indignation and straw-man arguments when confronted with a simple question: is it really a “conspiracy” when so many Americans are concerned that you want to take their guns?

The president’s cool demeanor frayed only once – when challenged over his use of the term “conspiracy” when discussing whether his government wanted to take people’s guns from them. “Yes! I think it’s fair to call it a conspiracy!” he said. Guardian

President Obama held his little “town hall meeting” last night on CNN. It was stuffed full of hand-picked citizens asking pre-approved questions of the president about “common sense” gun control, the last real agenda on the president’s itinerary now that he’s passed a fascist insurance mandate and several fascist surveillance/1st amendment limiting bills (USA Freedom Act and CISA (formerly known as CISPA))

The exchange…

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