Red Cross disputes Bild claims starving Madaya residents are ‘pro-govt actors’

American Everyman

(John McCain’s “heroic” rebels in Syria are intercepting humanitarian aid and selling it off at astronomical prices. They are trying to depopulate areas soon to be handed over to the Barzani clan to make the Syrian part of Greater Kurdistan.)

from RT

German tabloid Bild has accused starving residents of the Syrian town of Madaya of being “actors.” But RT’s correspondent believes some media simply dislike what people suffering from malnutrition had to say about rebels selling off government aid.

Last week RT’s Murad Gazdiev accompanied the Red Cross and the UN convoy that brought food to the besieged Syrian town of Madaya, some 44km northwest of the capital, Damascus, close to the Lebanese border.

The images of hunger-bitten children outraged the world and the stories told by their mothers are truly shocking.

Madaya citizens told RT that the Syrian government had sent them aid, but they never got it…

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