Syria Researcher Destroys Former U.S. Ambassador And Terrorist Supporter Robert Ford On Twitter

Uprootedpalestinians's Blog


By Brandon Turbeville

Former U.S. ambassador to Syria, Robert Ford, has long been known as a death squad expert and key figure in the Syrian destabilization campaign – at least early on.

Now, however, it seems Ford is content to act as a commentator on the sidelines, partially admitting the jihadist nature of the so-called “rebellion” and partially attempting to promote the thoroughly debunked narrative that a “moderate” rebel actually exists.

Gone are the days of on-the-ground support of terrorists and mercenaries. The occasional mainstream media interview and his social media accounts are now Ford’s preferred methods of promoting terrorism.

Fortunately, not all of Ford’s Twitter followers were so intellectually defunct as to take his statements seriously. Journalist and commentator on the Syrian Crisis, Vanessa Beeley, tweeted an article in response to Robert Ford’s assessment of the situation regarding Nimr’s death. The article was one written by…

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