It’s AIPAC Day in America!!!

American Everyman

by Scott Creighton

Do we have an American Canada Public Affairs Committee? Do we have an American Ireland Public Affairs Committee? An American Guam one? Nope.

But we do have American Israel Public Affairs Committee, known as AIPAC, and today all our presidential candidates save one are rushing over to D.C. to attend their annual conference to swear fealty and their undying love to and for everything Israel.

It has been rumored that Hillary Clinton has been missing from the campaign trail these past few days because she was crawling on her knees to the conference all the way from New York in order to prove her loyalty. That’s just a rumor, of course.

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In Honor of the American Version of the Neoliberal Madonna: The English Beat

American Everyman

by Scott Creighton

(lyrics from Stand Down Margaret, the English Beat video at bottom of page)

I said I see no joy, I see only sorrow
I see no chance of your bright new tomorrow

The Washington Consensus is beside itself, stumbling over each other in a pathetic display of gaggling geese wiping away tears of remorse for the passage of the last of the neoliberal Reagan icons, Nancy Reagan, who passed away yesterday at the age of 94. Chris Mathews of the fake left, the corporate left, the neocon left, spent the entire day yesterday slobbering praise on the woman as if she were Mother Teresa, Rosa Parks and Florence Nightingale all rolled into one. The MSNBC stagehands had to work overtime wiping his drool pools off the desk between breaks while Chris practically dug up the remains of Ronnie Raygun and fellated him on live TV in…

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Hey Daily KOS! Hillary Clinton is a “sell-out corporatist whore oligarch” and banning such language changes nothing

American Everyman

by Scott Creighton

Is this “ideology shaming”? Is that a new term I just made up? Inquiring minds want to know.

Over at the Daily Kos they have decided to ban their users if they stray from the path of supporting the “sell-out corporatist whore oligarch” Hillary Clinton now they have decided “The Bern” has officially fizzled out. Don’t call her a “warmonger”… don’t do it. Just don’t.


Of the things you are not “allowed” to do during the rest of the election cycle, like say Hillary is a “neocon” (which she is, and is, and is again) or a “warmonger” (which she is) or an “oligarch” (Goldman Sachs much?), you are also not allowed too say you wont support her for president or will vote for someone else. Here is part of KOS’ list of bullet points for their new, controlled, echo-chamber…

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Israel Announces $26 Million Cyberattack on Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement and Muslims in the West

American Everyman

(I guess they are getting serious about the internet of things)

from AlterNet

…However flawed his framing might have been, Estrin’s reporting makes one thing clear: The Israeli crackdown is poised to escalate its campaign to unprecedented levels. An unknown number of Israeli tech companies are threatening to unleash a wave of cyber-attacks, including “sly algorithms to restrict these online activists’ circle of influence” as well as “forensic intelligence gathering, such as detecting digital or semantic signatures buried in activists’ coding so they are able to track and restrict their online activity.”

Those acts of sabotage will take place alongside a flood of “content that puts a positive face on Israel.”

The non-profit Firewall Israel, sponsored by a government-linked think tank known as the Reut Institute, is “building an online platform to help pro-Israel activists around the world communicate about anti-Israel activism in their communities,” the article states.

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